Like a Knife from former friend…the “SPREAD GOOD, BE GOOD” Sticker Series is BACK!!!


The new moon rode high in the crown of the metropolisShining, like who on top of this?

And just like that, we arrive. It’s the return of the (gangsta?) Spread Good, Be Good Sticker Series! Coming back in its normal monthly timeslot, you can start to expect new drops when rent is due. This month, we bring to you the original CLASSIK logo in all of its glory.

Guess what?

It’s as Free as the napkins in Mickey D’s. Click HERE and we’ll pass some along through Pony Express. Thanks and remember to “Spread Good” to someone special this month.

“Keep Smiling”
- George F. Baker III


Comics , Zines and All Sorts of Strange Things


Attention! The following post is not only for comic book fans, fan boys and nerds alike. I want to take this time to dispel some of the popular myths about comic books and comic book culture. Why? Well I, Marty, have begun to create (not yet released) comic books of my own. The direction in which I’m moving is not the comic book standard as the masses know it. Allow me to shed light on what may be the shadows of literature.

What are comic books?

Comic books are publications used to tell a story. Not unlike a novel or picture book, it shares the better qualities of both. The comic book isn’t limited by the reader’s imagination nor by page illustrations. It is the perfect marriage between those two ideas: the story AND its graphic illustrations. Comics should be given a respect similar to that given to it’s cousins.

Aren’t comic books all about super heroes, aliens, the paranormal and supernatural?logo11

Comics books are often portrayed as the juvenile fantasies of boys, which is what the ” mainstream ” comic book publishers Marvel, DC, & Image typically promote. Smaller comic book publishers, like Koyama Press, are often considered alternative. Koyama focuses on captivating story telling and brilliant illustration to sell comics, not blockbuster movies. These smaller companies are much more liberal with story telling. The comic books they publish vary in topic. They can be anything – from autobiographical to comedic in nature.

What’s a zine? and what do you mean all sorts of strange things?

A zine from what I’ve come to understand is a mini-comic that expresses ideas of present day in short form. It’s a sort of contemporary comic. Let’s say you wanted to make a comic book on the adventures of Method Man and Red Man. Well that’s a zine! Below there are 3 different comic book publishers/sellers that sell very different comics. Nothing like you’ve seen or read before. All are done in distinct art styles and include stories that aren’t beaten to death – much like your favorite spandex sporting radioactive alien mutant with a heart of gold.

Please if you read this far take the time to visit these websites and possibly support some great artists  out there. There is without a doubt something for everybody in the comic world.

“We ON” – Or Better Yet: How I Got Here.

“Idiom when out in the Mountains, Maharishi when out in the town’n”

When I first heard the above lyrical exercise, I assumed Lupe Fiasco said “Idiots be out in the Mountains, Mad Graffiti is out in the Town man.” On further review of the lyrics after I printed them out at school, (That’s so dated!) I realized that those were capitalized so they must be Proper Nouns.

SIDENOTE: That is what I did back then. I was and am an Information Nerd. The world’s inner workings are important to a Nebraskan-born dude like myself.

The Proper Nouns needed to be researched so I could fully understand what a young Lupe truly meant. A quick Google search unearthed another far corner of the Internet: Street Culture. I found, Complex Magazine, and many others. I was hooked. Hooked so much that I sought to create something maybe a future composer of lyrics would name-drop…

-Keep Smiling
George F. Baker III



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